DAGS Education and Immigration is an Indian based Company that Provides Suggestions and feedback to Education Professionals, Students and their Parents. We Promotes the high Quality Education that help Students to Achieve their Study Abroad Dream. Our Mission is to Educate our Citizens, Our Society and children by sending them to the top universities in the world where the best education system taught about how to think rather than what
to think.
Our story begins in January 2018 in a small town, Zira located in Ferozepur district in the Indian state of Punjab. It was here where DAGS opened its headquarter, offering Student Visa, Visitor Visa and Open Spouse Work Permit for top ranked countries like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. In 2019, We have opened our second branch in Ludhiana and now we have branches in
Zira, Ludhiana, Faridkot, and Tohana(Haryana).